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My Lender library has altered the IFM charge to more than my specified Max Cost and then changed the status to Shipped. Will we have to pay the additional cost?

  • We entered our Max Cost and selected Use ILL Fee Management (IFM) but the lending library has changed the Lending Charges to more than we specified, selected Use ILL Fee Management (IFM) and then clicked Yes to say that they will supply. We are concerned that we will be automatically charged the additional amount, even though we have seen elsewhere that we will only ever be charged up the Max Cost that we specify.
  • What will happen? Will no charge will be made or will we be charged the additional amount?
Applies to
  • WorldShare InterLibrary Loan
  • ILLiad
  1. At the point that the Lending library altered the cost they will have seen a Warning screen "Update Status to Shipped"
  2. clipboard_e6e64f998ec11b2ed0eab3e550456c0ec.png
  3. This will have warned them that as their IFM charge exceeds your stated Max Cost "The IFM payment will not be made" if they set the status to Shipped.
  4. Suppliers can choose to continue with the action after seeing this screen warning, but the IFM transaction will not go through and they will have to negotiate separately for payment. 
  5. In this situation the normal protocol for the Lender would be to send a "Conditional" response and wait for the Borrower library to agree to it and increase their Max Cost figure. If the Borrower library does not change their Max Cost but still says "Yes" to the Condition, there will still be no charge.
  6. In a non-IFM transaction, the Lender has to generate an invoice, which can be in any amount that they would like, regardless of borrower’s Max Cost.  But even then, the Borrower is only required to pay up to their stated Max Cost amount.)
  7. So, in this case, no charge should be made and the Request History display on the Request will show this as it will display the message No event history exists under the section ILL Fee Management (IFM) History
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