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I see only a blank screen when I login to WorldShare.

Applies to
  • WorldShare Interlibrary Loan
  • WorldShare Collection Manager 
  • WorldShare Circulation 
  • WorldShare Acquisitions
  • WorldShare Analytics
  • WorldShare Record Manager 
  • WorldShare Admin

The blank screen in WorldShare could be happening for multiple reasons. If the troubleshooting below does not resolve the issue, please contact OCLC Support.

  • First, check that you are going to the correct URL, and that your browser is not changing that URL during the page load. If you have bookmarked the page, please type your WorldShare URL into the browser address bar instead of using any bookmark. If you have forgotten the URL for your WorldShare site, please see the documentation we have called "I forgot my WorldShare URL".
    • If your browser keeps changing the correct URL into a bad URL that does not load properly, please clear your browser's cache and cookies, use a different browser, or open a private session to get a fresh browser instance.
  • Disable your extensions and try again to see if the content loads. The extension uBlock Origin is known to cause this issue.
  • Some of the newer browser versions have pop-ups blocker tools installed. The blank screen may be a result of a pop up blocker that is blocking WorldShare from loading properly. Pop-up's must be allowed for WorldShare Interlibrary Loan to operate.  
    • If you have a pop up blocker turned on in your browser, you may see an orange/yellow triangle like this one at the end of the toolbar.     clipboard_e83fc9e728ae914535d413b383e219541.png
  • Additionally, please check to see that you have the correct roles assigned to your account.  If you do not have WorldShare Interlibrary Loan roles assigned to your account, you will not see the ILL tab. If there is no one at your institution that can add roles to your account, please contact OCLC Support.   
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