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I accidentally marked a Book request as a Copy and the Borrower received it as closed and complete

  • A user has marked a Book request as a Copy when it should have been a Loan.
Applies to
  • WorldShare ILL
  • Tipasa

There are a couple of ways to handle this issue, depending on if the libraries want to maintain accurate statistics or have the same Request ID number for their patrons. In either case, the Borrowing Library should notify the Lending Library to discuss handling the Request.


If maintaining the same Request ID Number for the patron is important, then:

  1. The Borrowing Library will treat the Request as a Loan and email the Lending Library from the Request of their intent to return the Book using the same Request ID Number.
  2. The Lending Library will email the Borrowing Library when the item has been returned.


If maintaining accurate statistics is important, then:

  1. The Borrowing Library can send a new request for the Book to the Lending Library with a note saying it is a duplicate request.
  2. The Lending Library can enter the appropriate Due Date and say Yes, but not ship the item.
  3. The Borrowing Library will then return the item under the new Request ID number.


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