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OCLC Support

Send a note

Send a public note to the lending library

You may sometimes wish to send a message to the lending library, without updating the status of the request.

  1. To do this, choose the Send Public Note action for the request.

  1. Type your note in the Public Note box, and then click Send.

The responding library will see the message appear in their Lender Work Queue.

Send a private note to the lending library

The same procedure can be used to add a private note to the request by selecting the Add Private Note


Send a note to your patron

You may also need to send information to your patron concerning the request. This is done via an email message to the email address in the request.

  1. Search for and display the appropriate request.
  2. Select the Send User Alert action. and then click the Action button.

  1. You will be presented with a screen containing request details and allowing you to enter the patron note. When you have completed the note, click the Send button.