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How can we pull a patron report in Tipasa?

Applies to
  • Tipasa

Libraries that have Tipasa only (not WMS) may use Report Designer to generate a report of all current Tipasa users. This patron data can then be used when generating a patron load file. Follow these steps to generate a report:

  1. Select Analytics
  2. Select Reports
  3. Select Report Launch Pad
  4. In the top right, select Applications
  5. Select Web Intelligence
  6. Select New ()
  7. Select Universe
  8.  Select the Circulation Patron Information universe
  9. Click through the folders, double-clicking on the items you wish to add to the report (First Name, Last Name, Email, UserID at Source, sourceSystem)
  10.  Once done, click Run Query
  11. Export the report by clicking in the top right

WMS libraries with Tipasa should utilize the Patron Full Report.

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