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Lending priorities and advanced lending workflows

Course description

This course covers the Advanced Lending features of Tipasa designed for libraries who process high volumes of requests from other libraries, or who have different staff members responsible for specific steps in responding to new requests.  It also includes Lending Priorities, which enables lenders to give special service to requests from consortium partners or any other libraries designated.

Topics covered include:

  • Enabling Lending Priorities in Service Configuration
  • Configuring Tipasa Advanced Workflow settings in Service Configuration
  • Processing requests in Verifying, Retrieving, Scanning and Packaging queues

ILL staff responsible for managing lending requests in libraries who have implemented or are considering use of advanced lending workflows and priority lending queues should take this course.

After completing this course, learners will be able to configure lists of priority borrowers (such as consortium partners) and retrieve and process requests from these borrowers, configure Tipasa Advanced Workflow settings in Service Configuration, process requests in the verifying, retrieving, scanning, and packaging queues and explain the relationship of these queues to Document Delivery and Lending Priorities.

Tipasa training is intended for libraries currently implementing or using Tipasa.  If your library is not a member of a current or previous Tipasa cohort, please see these Recordings or email  for information about Tipasa.

Registration deadline for live classes is 2 hours before the session start time.

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