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Side Menu

Find information about Side Menu in Relais ILL.

Staff can use the side menu:

  • To retrieve and display requests.  
  • To look at current workloads, e.g., how many requests in Relais queues such as Print Request.  

The side menu has two main sections:

  1. Requesting - for requests from your patron
  2. Supplying - for requests for which your library is the current supplier.

Each section has four sub-sections

  1. Queues - for requests in Relais queues, e.g., Print Request, Email Request, and Process Request 
  2. Loans - for requests currently on loan
  3. Messages and alerts - contains requests that require staff mediation. For example, the requesting section has folders titled cancel/reply, messages, and overdue, while the supplying section contains folders titled damaged, lost, message, and renew. The messages/alerts are those communicated via GSM or ISO ILL.
  4. Pre-defined queries - a list of pre-defined queries to help staff identify specific requests, such as requests that have printed but have not been updated for three days.

For each section, subsection, and entry in the side menu, the number of requests display.


  • If there are no requests to retrieve then no entry displays in the side menu.
  • Staff can expand and collapse each section and sub-section using the up and down carets. 
  • Staff can refresh any sections or entries by clicking the refresh icon.
  • After clicking on an entry, the corresponding request or requests display.

Configuration options for the Side Menu

The following can be configured in the side menu: 

  • Hide entries that are not helpful or useful for staff
  • Change the name of any sections, subsections, or entries, such as rename Requesting to Borrowing.
  • Add pre-defined queries.  For example, follow:
    • Supplying:  Requests > 2 days old
    • Requesting:  Requests > 3 days old