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OCLC Support

My Profile

Find information about editing My Profile in the Relais Portal.

If configured, the My Profile > Edit Profile or Change Password options will display in the side menu of the My Requests page.  

  • By default this option is hidden.  To request that My Profile display in the side menu submit a configuration change to OCLC Support.

Edit Profile

The fields displayed on the Edit Profile screen can be configured differently depending on whether it is used by a patron or by other libraries. 

For each field, you can indicate whether it is required and whether it can be edited.  You can also change the label name that displays. 

  • For example, you can change the label State / Province to be State.  

To change what displays on the Edit Profile screen, submit a configuration change to OCLC Support and include details of what to add, change or delete.  

The below table shows the fields that can be included in the Edit Profile screen.  By default, some of these options can be updated by patrons or updated by other libraries.

Available fields Updated by patrons Updated by other libraries


Department X  
Patron Type    
Branch X  
Patron Category    
Street X X
Street2 X X
City X X
State / Province X X
Country X X
Zip/Postal Code X X
Delivery Method Copy X X
Delivery Method Loan X X
Delivery Email X X
Delivery Fax   X
Delivery Odyssey   X
Delivery Ariel   X
Delivery Service X X
Pickup Location X  
Messaging Method X X
Messaging Email X X
Messaging Phone X X
Messaging Fax   X