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We are trying to send a Borrowing request in ILLiad, but get a JDBC batch error


The site is trying to send a Borrowing request and they receive this error message:

Error Sending Request

An error occurred sending the request:
org.oclc.sage.client.dao.DataAccessException: org.oclc.sage.client.dao.DataAccessException: net.sf.hibernate.JDBCException: Could not execute 
org.oclc.basil.BasilException: net.sf.hibernate.JDBCException: Could not execute JDBC batch update
Applies to
  • ILLiad 

The error message means there is a duplicate request on the ILLiad system.  When the request was initially submitted, it updated OCLC, and when OCLC tried to update ILLiad, it did not, so ILLiad tried to update OCLC again, and this time it found that the request was already on the system.

To get the correct ILL number, you should do the following:

1.  Copy your Transaction Number for the request.  Go to the System Tab and select "Search/Review Statuses."  

2.  Click on the Dropdown below the search box and select "Transaction Number."  

3.  Then, put the Transaction Number of your Transaction in the Search box and search.

4.  You will see the result with the ILL number.  Copy the ILL number and then put it in the ILLNumber field in the Transaction.

5.  Save the Transaction and then it will be updated correctly with OCLC.

6.  Route the request to Request Sent.


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