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We are on an ILLiad Shared server and we are having troubles with one of our sites after we made edits to that directory on the Web Server

  • You made edits to the pages in a subdirectory on the Web Server for one of your Web Sites and now you cannot access the pages.
Applies to
  • ILLiad 

There are several possibilities for which you might be having issues.  Here are some quick suggestions to check:

  1. Look for the Webpath.txt file.  In that file, you set the directory where ILLiad should be using the Web Pages.  You may be missing the file and you need to recreate it or update the location that the file is pointing to.  More information can be found in the Web Pages Folder Structure documentation.
  2. Check the ILLiad.dll file.  It should be at the current version that is set up for your Web Server.
  3. If you have a Web.config file, you should check it to make sure there is nothing that is out of the ordinary.
Additional information

It is a good recommendation before updating files in your ILLiad Directories, that you make a copy of the files that are in the directory and put them in a safe place.  That way, if you make a change that causes the Web pages to fail, you can replace the pages you edited and go back to what you had so your patrons can access your Web pages.

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