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In ILLiad, is there a way to delete a patron's request history while keeping stats and collection data?

  • You want to delete Transactions from the patron, but you want to keep the statistics
Applies to
  • ILLiad

If OCLC hosts you, you must give OCLC the parameters you want to set, such as any request older than four years.  Please contact OCLC Support.

If you are self-hosted, you must break the link for the Transactions from the User to a New User.  Because you want to keep the statistics in ILLiad, you create a user with a username like brokenusername.  You want to do a query such as any transaction older than three years will be removed from the user and then assigned to brokenusername.  So, an example query might be:

Select TransactionNumber from Transactions

Where CreationDate < '3/21/2016'

This query gives you the list of Transaction Numbers you can put in the script or add this query as part of the script.  You would have to work with your SQL Admin about the best way to get your request done.

This process is "Breaking the Link" under the Database Manager in the documentation.  Here is the information about The ILLiad Database Manager.  Here is the information for Breaking the User Link in the ILLiad Database.

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