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I want to add a hidden field on the ILLiad Registration form so that everyone has Electronic Delivery is "Yes." how do I do that?

  • You want to add a hidden field so that everyone who registers has Electronic Delivery is "Yes."
Applies to
  • ILLiad

Here are the steps for adding Electronic Delivery as "Yes" on the Registration form:

  1. On the line following the line <input type="hidden" name="ILLiadForm" value="Registration">, you can add your hidden fields of any item you want to automatically have submitted for the patron. 
  2. The line to set Electronic Delivery as Yes is: <input type="hidden" name="WebDeliveryGroup"" value="Yes">.
  3. You would also want to comment out the section on WebDelivery Group by putting in <!-- before the area.
  4. And next, put a --> at the end of the area.
  5. Or you can delete the section.
<!-- <label for="WebDeliveryGroup">
      <span class="field">
           <span class="<#ERROR name="ERRORWebDeliveryGroup">"><b>Preferred Electronic Delivery if Possible (PDF file via web)</b></span>
           <select id="WebDeliveryGroup" name="WebDeliveryGroup" size="1" class="f-name">
                 <option selected><#PARAM name="WebDeliveryGroup"></option>
           </select><br />
</label>  -->
Additional information

You can do the hidden field for other items such as LoanDeliveryGroup and set it as "Hold for Pickup" as an example.  You would also want to do any action on the Registration page on the Change User Information page as well. 

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