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I am unable to connect to Docline within ILLiad, how can this be resolved?


I am experiencing extreme slowness and lag time connecting to Docline within ILLiad.

Applies to
  • ILLiad

There is a known issue that causes script errors for users who try to sign-in to Docline from ILLiad using Google authentication. Atlas has some workarounds for authentication to alleviate the slowness or inability to connect to Docline. See Switching to a Non-Google Authentication Provider.

This is what Atlas is sending to Users

These are the two new links in the docs about the Docline login issue. This one talks about all the different auth methods and which are supported:

And this one is about how to change the auth method:

It doesn't sound like this is going to be something that Dev can fix with a software/coding solution. They are working on switching the default browser in ILLiad to using a Chromium browser instead of IE in the future, but I don't know that this is going to fix this Google auth issue. Dev did put this in as a bug, so I don't think they've given up on finding a solution, just that I'm not sure if it is something they can control.

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