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I am trying to print a document in ILLiad and I am getting a message that the file cannot be found

  • You are trying to print a document in ILLiad, but you are getting a message that the file cannot be found
Applies to
  • ILLiad

Here are some steps to troubleshoot this issue:

  1. Open up the Customization Manager and use the search bar to search for PrintDocumentsPath. It is also under System > General.
  2. Check the location listed in the PrintDocumentsPath for the templates and make sure they're there. If not, templates are available at the ILLiad Downloads page
  3. If the documents are where you expect them to be, check in the Customization Manager to make sure the file names are correct, especially the doc and docx endings. See "Customization Keys"  here: ILLiad Default Print Templates
  4. ILLiad will always try to print in the PrintDocumentsPath location first and if it finds nothing, it will look where ILLiad was installed. If the permissions of the ILLiad folder or the PrintDocumentsPath folder are incorrect, this error can occur. Here is how to set up Windows Permissions for ILLiad.
  5. If you still are getting the same error, contact OCLC Support.
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