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I am getting the message "Invalid Session ID" when I try to sign into ILLiad through the Web

  • You are at your ILLiad Logon page and you try to sign in, but you get a message about "Invalid Session ID"
Applies to
  • ILLiad

When you get a message saying, "Invalid Session ID" when signing into ILLiad, it is showing because the Logon Page submit button text does not match what is in the WebFormValues table.  Here is how you fix this issue:

  1. You need to edit the WebFormValues table in the Customization Manager, so go to the table first. 
  2. Go to the FormName "Logon," and look for the entry that has the SubmitButtonValue as "Logon to ILLiad."  Double-click on that entry.
  3. Edit the SubmitButtonText so that it matches what you have on the Logon page for the text to Logon to ILLiad.  It is case-sensitive.  
  4. Once you have made the change and saved it, restart IIS on your Web Server.  If you are hosted by OCLC, contact OCLC Support.

You should now be able to sign in to ILLiad.

Additional Information

If the "Logon" form looks correct in Customization Manager, but the button on the site still says "Login", editing the HTML may be the solution.

Look for something like this:

input id="submitILLiad" class="btn" type="submit" name="SubmitButton" value="Login to ILLiad" size="16" aria-label="Login to ILLiad

You'll want it to end up like this: 

input id="submitILLiad" class="btn" type="submit" name="SubmitButton" value="Logon to ILLiad" size="16" aria-label="Logon to ILLiad



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