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I am getting an error message, "your single sign in username could not be used to create a new ILLiad account."

  • Patrons cannot sign in and see an error message about the single sign-in username cannot be used to create an ILLiad account
Applies to
  • ILLiad

To resolve the issue about a single-sign in username cannot be used to create an ILLiad account, make sure of the following:

  1. Make sure you are supposed to be using a WebAuthType of either RemoteAuth or ILLiad.  If you are supposed to have RemoteAuth, then the WebAuthType needs to be RemoteAuth.    
  2. If the WebAuthType is ILLiad and you need to update it to RemoteAuth, then after the update, you need to have IIS on the ILLiad Web Server restarted. 
  3. If you are Self-Hosted, you will need to contact your Web Server Administrator to restart IIS.  If you are Hosted, then please contact OCLC Support.
  4. If the WebAuthType is RemoteAuth, you will need to check your patron records to make sure the ILLiad Authentication box is not checked.
  5. If you have several patrons with the boxes checked, you can have your SQL Administrator or OCLC if you are hosted to run this query:

If you are on a single server:

Update Users
Set AuthType='Default'


If you are on a shared server and all the sites are using RemoteAuth:

Update UsersALL
Set AuthType='Default'
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