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I am getting an error message with the ILLiad Fill Rate Statistics

  • When running the Lending Fill Rate Statistics, you are getting an error message.
Applies to
  • ILLiad

When you get an error message with the Lending Fill Rate Statistics, it is probably there because there is a Transaction without a Transaction Status.  Here is how you fix this:

1.  To find the Transaction, you do a Custom Request Search.  

2.  Go to "Home, " and then there is a box on the top left and a magnifying glass and then a drop-down arrow and below that there is a tiny box.  Click on the tiny box.

3.  In the Custom Request Search, you click on the "+" beside the "and" to see a field called Transactions.TransactionNumber.  You click on that field, and the Table is Transactions. You then click on the Field TransactionStatus.

4.  After that, click on the Contains option and choose "Is Blank."  Then search.  

5.  You will see any of the requests that do not have a Transaction Status.  You will need to give a transaction status to each request such as Request Finished.  Then you will be able to run the report.  

The request was incomplete coming in, so you cannot do anything with the request because it will be empty.


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