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ILLiad error says version mismatch, but the version numbers look correct in the Customization Manager

  • ILLiad gives an error like "the version of Electronic Delivery Utility does not match the current server configuration," and you are unable to run that software. It could be a problem with data entry or an unused NVTGC.
Applies to
  • ILLiad

The solution is to check the Customization Manager and see if there are any invisible characters or old NVTGCs. In this example, we will use the Electronic Delivery Utility. 

  1. In the Customization Manager, use the search bar to search for "version" and see if there is a key, such as VersionElectronicDeliveryUtility, for the software you're trying to use.
  2. Click on that key, and check to see if it has the expected version, correcting it if necessary. If the version looks correct, manually (without copying or pasting) re-enter the numbers to ensure no space or hidden characters are entered.
  3. If the software still returns the error, go again to the same key, such as VersionElectronicDeliveryUtility, and go to the All Sites tab near the Tracking tab. Look and see if there are any NTGCs with an older version number.
  4. If there's an old number for an NVTGC, check the box next to the NVTGC that is mismatched, make sure the Key Value is currently at the version you expect, and click "Click here to copy above value to all selected sites." This will set the key values for all NVTGC entries, correcting the mismatches. 
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