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ILLiad addons are still using Internet Explorer even after upgrading to 9.2

  • ILLiad addons are loading Internet Explorer windows instead of Chromium. 
Applies to
  • ILLiad

With the release of ILLiad 9.2, addons can use Chromium as the default browser. To do this, addons run an instance of Chromium within ILLiad. Older addons will load an instance of Internet Explorer. Unless the addon is updated to use Chromium, it will load IE. Most third-party addons were not written by Atlas or OCLC, so check the ILLiad Addon Directory to see who maintains or created the addon. If the addon was created by OCLC or Atlas, contact OCLC Support

Additional information

For more information, see the Atlas page for Converting Addons to use the Chromium Browser. 

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