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Awaiting Customer Contact not sending out notifications

  • Requests are showing the Transaction Status of "Awaiting Customer Contact" for more than a couple minutes.
Applies to
  • ILLiad

Things to check:

1.  Is the ILLiad System Manager running?  You might have to restart the ILLiad System Manager service.

2.  Are these the only notifications not going out?  Is the problem just with Contacting customers?  It might be in the patron records that the Email Notification boxes are not checked.

3.  Go into a Patron Record and make sure the Location field has something in it.  In one case, the Location field which is the NVTGC is blank.  Without the Location field selected, ILLiad does not know what notification to send out.

4.  In the Notification Method, does it show Electronic?  If it does not, the notification will not go out.  You will need to change the Notification Method to Electronic.

5.  In the Patron record, in the Email Notifications section, you need to have check marks in the boxes that you want to notify a patron.  When Creating Patron accounts in the ILLiad Client, only Account Cleared, Password Reset and Other are checked.  You need to check the other boxes for the notifications to go out.

6. If the patron has the Loan Delivery Method or Loan Method set for Mail to Address, then the In Transit to Pickup Location is skipped.  Please see the ATLAS Documentation for Contacting the Customer: Awaiting Customer Contact.

You can route the requests to "Awaiting Customer Contact" again and they should go out in a couple of minutes.

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