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Installed a new ILLiad Client on a computer and it is saying it is missing a SQL Logon?

  • The administrative user installed ILLiad and it worked fine, but when he logs on as regular user, ILLiad fails to open
Applies to
  • ILLiad

To make sure the Windows Permissions are correct:

For Windows 7, 64-bit, it is at c:\program files (x86)\ILLiad\ by default. Any other previous version of Windows, will be located in c:\program files\ILLliad\ by default.  To access the directory correctly, make sure the permissions are correct. Instructions on how to do this are below:


With Windows 7 x 64, it is necessary to add Permissions for each user's Windows logon to the security settings for the ILLiad folder in the c:\program files (x86)\ILLiad\.  With Windows 7 x 32, it is within the c:\program files\ILLiad\ folder.


1.  First, right-click on the ILLiad folder and choose properties.


2.  Go to the Security tab and in the top section, choose Edit to edit the Users group.


3   Select the Users group and below mark the full permissions.


4.  After clicking OK, it goes back to the Main ILLiad Permissions Window.


5.  Choose Ok to get out of the window.

Next, Go to the ATLAS SQL Alias Manager and make sure that the file is saved in the ILLiad Directory such as c:\program files (x86)\ILLiad. In the ATLAS SQL Alias Manager on the left side under ILLiad, the Logon (Default) or whatever name they chose for the file and (Default) appears.  Click on it and at the bottom left of the screen to see the location.  If the file is not saved in the correct directory, save it and then set default icon on the top.  After that, delete the old logon file that was not in the ILLiad Directory.

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