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How does the UserValidation table work in ILLiad?

  • You want to know how the User Validation table works with Users and Registration
Applies to
  • ILLiad

Here are different pieces of information about how the process works in ILLiad:

  1. ILLiad Exclusive: Authentication Process.
  2. ILLiad Exclusive: Overriding Authentication.
  3. ILLiad Exclusive: Populating a UserValidation Table.
  4. ILLiad Exclusive: File.  It would look something like this:
UserName, UserValidationType, LastName, FirstName, SSN, Status, EMailAddress, Phone, MobilePhone, Department, NVTGC, Password, NotificationMethod, DeliveryMethod, LoanDeliveryMethod, AuthorizedUsers, Web, Address, Address2, City, State, Zip, Site, Number, Organization, Fax, ArticleBillingCategory, LoanBillingCategory, Country, SAddress, SAddress2, SCity, SState, SZip, PasswordHint, SCountry, Blocked, PlainTextPassword, UserRequestLimit, UserInfo1, UserInfo2, UserInfo3, UserInfo4, UserInfo5

If you are hosted by OCLC, you need to contact OCLC Support about setting up ILLiad Exclusive Authentication.  We will let you know the process we use to have you connect to the Web Server and put the file on the server.  We run a process every night to import that file into the UserValidation table, which you can see in the Customization Manager.

Additional information

In the Authentication Process, when a patron signs in for the first time, the patron is sent to the registration page.  In ILLiad, the Username is created, and the Cleared Field shows "New."  Until the patron submits the Registration form, the field will show as New in the ILLiad Client, and if the patron closes the page and then tries to logon again, the patron will be sent to the Registration page again.  In the ILLiad Client, the only fields you will see are the Username and the Cleared field as New.  The rest of the information is entered into the User record once the patron fills out the registration form.

The documentation on the ILLiad Exclusive: Authentication process, also talks about the UserValidationType field having two fields.  One is Auth, and the other is Load.  "Auth" is used for the ILLiad Exclusive Authentication.  "Load" is used for sites that want to upload patron information. When the patron registers for the first time, the registration form is filled in with the information from the UserValidation table.  This process makes it easier for the patron to submit the registration form.  The patron looks over the information, makes any changes, and submits the registration.

The current number of separators for each line is 43.  If you send us a file that does not match that number of separators, we will notify you about the issue.  You will need to fix your file for the entries that do not have 43 separators for them to show up in the UserValidation table.

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