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How does the Patron Load work with ILLiad?

  • I want to populate the Registration form for my patron for their initial sign in. 
  • Patron Load used it with ILLiad Exclusive Authentication
  • Patron Load used to populate the registration form when a new user registers.
Applies to
  • ILLiad
  1. Patron Load can be used for:
    • Authentication (Auth)
      • Second Field will be "Auth"
      • Data used to Authenticate patrons and is used along with ILLiadExclusive Authentication
      • Only used to Authenticate the patron the first time they sign in 
      • The information will be loaded on the Registration Form 
      • Requires Password Field to be populated
      • Additional Signin will utilize the information in the Users table
      • Patrons will not be able to login if their username is not in the UserValidation table.  It will check to see if the name is listed and then use the information in the Users(ALL) table to authenticate the patron after initial sign in.
        • OCLC Hosted members contact OCLC Support to request assistance setting up an Auth Patron load. 

          • A copy of uservalidation.txt will need to be submitted via SFTP

          • The frequency of the file upload is up to the submitting institution (minimum daily)

          • Required overnight processing

          • Each file overwrites the previous table

          • OCLC Support will assist if there are issues with the submitted uservalidation.txt file

        • Self-hosted members
          • Data needs to be loaded into your SQL Database
          • Local SQL Server Administrator is responsible to load data
    • Load (Load) 
      • Second Field will be "Load"
      • Sending information to the SQL server to update the UserValidation table.
      • The table is only used when someone registers
      • Places the information from the table into the Registration form. 

NOTE: Load data is not used to authenticate a patron and the patrons username does not have to be in the table in order for them the login

  1. Form Fields
    • SSN
      • Any Special identifying number you might have for a patron
      • Not a Social Security Number
      • Not Required
    • Username
      • Required
    • FirstName
      • Required
    • LastName
      • Required
    • All other Fields
      • Not Required
      • Patron can verify and change when necessary
      • Patron submits the form after verification
  2. File configuration
    • called uservalidation.txt. 
    • The first line shows the character used as a separator. 

If you have many patron names that have a comma in the name like Sammy Davis, Jr., then you can change the separator to a pipe:

  • The second line is all the header information. 
  • All additional lines are the patron data. 

NOTE: There should be 43 separators on each line for the different fields. OCLC sets it to check daily for new load files, but if there is no file there to update, then the system will not try to update the UserValidation table.If there is a file, then the system will update the UserValidation table by overwriting what is already there. If there is a large difference, then the system will send an error message and not overwrite the list. An example is if there were 1000 names and then you sent us 10 names. The system will not overwrite the list.

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