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How do we identify requests in Document Delivery that we use Purchase on Demand?

  • You are using Purchase on Demand, and you want to set up a way to separate the requests in Document Delivery (Doc Del), so you know they were done with Purchase on Demand
Applies to
  • ILLiad

There are some unused fields in the ILLiad Display that you could use.  Then if you wanted to do a query, you could use that field.  For instance, here are some steps you can take:

1.  If you right-click on the request and choose Customize Layout, there are some Item Info fields.
2.  You could add Item Info 1 filed to your screen.
3.  When you are making a Purchase on Demand, you could put POD in it or anything in that field.  
4.  When you want to do a query, you could search for Item Info 1 field having 'POD' or if it is not blank.

You could also customize What you see for the field, so it does not show Item Info 1.  When you add the field, you can right-click on the "Item Info 1" and Rename the field.  That way, it makes more sense to what you are seeing.  The field would not show up in the Web Reports, but it is something you can query to find the requests that do have the field.  When you do the query, you would be searching for the field 'ItemInfo1'  even though the text shows something else.

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