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How do I get a great amount of detail for the Connection Manager logs?

  • You want as much detail for the Connection Manager logs as possible.
Applies to
  • ILLiad

Here are the steps for setting up the Connection Manager Log levels:

  1. Create the new folder called DEBUG in the server's C: drive (a requirement), so C:\DEBUG.

  2. Create a file called DEBUGON with no extension.

  3. Search for "Customization" in the Customization Manager and click on that table in the lower left.

  4. Click New Record.

  5. Name the CustKey "ConnectionManagerLogLevels."

  6. The NVTGC should be ILL for the Single server or your NVTGC for a shared server.

  7. The Description could be like "Getting more log information from the Connection Manager."

  8. The Value should be "DEBUG."

  9. The AdminCat should be "System."

  10. The AdminKey should be "OCLC."

  11. The AdminType is "StringValue".

  12. Hit 💾Save at the top. 

After setting this up, Restart the ILLiad Connection Manager.  The Debug log will start showing up in the Debug folder, and ILLiad will add a file to that folder named "DEBUGON" that has no file extension.

Additional information

The existence of the c:\DEBUG folder and DEBUGON file will start the file logging of each request sent and received from the Connection Manager and the RAPID Manager. To disable the additional API logging, rename or delete the DEBUGON file.  Otherwise, the file will fill up your hard drive quickly.

When you get these XML files, it should be clear which one had the issue. The errors will have an “err” in the filename.  

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