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How do I get a list of all transactions for one patron and put it in Excel?

  • You need all the transactions for a patron so they can have their history before transitioning to Tipasa.  You want the export to be in Excel.
Applies to
  • ILLiad 

You can do a Custom Search and export the results into Excel and save the file.  Then you can send the file to the patron.  Here are the steps.

  1. Follow the instructions for Starting a Custom Search.
  2. You will see the word "And" and a plus sign (+).  Click on the plus sign.
  3. Click on the Transactions.TransactionNumber  This will open up a table where it shows the Tables and Field you can from which you can select.
  4. You will keep the Transactions table and in the Field, go down to Username and select it.  Then choose Accept.
  5. Click on the Contains field and change it to equals. 
  6. In the box to the right of equals, you put in the Username.
  7. On the top left of the screen, search by clicking on the search magnifying glass.  
  8. Highlight all the records and click on the Export icon on the top right.
  9. Save the file with the appropriate file name.  
  10. Now you have the Excel file, and you can send it to the patron.
  11. If you get an error message when you try to save the file name because there are too many records, then you take these next three steps.  

     A. Highlight all the fields and copy them.
     B.  Open up an Excel spreadsheet and paste them into the spreadsheet.
     C.  Save the file.  Now, you can send the file to your patron.

You can also use Custom Searching to search for all Transactions or a variety of different queries.

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