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How do I fix it when printing in ILLiad, my mail merge is pointing to a wrong data source even though when I went to the Document outside of ILLiad and set up the data source correctly?

  • When printing from ILLiad, a Word error says the mail merge template is pointing to the wrong Data source (an xlsx file), and it changes to something like Print.xlsx or suggests "entering a new data source". 
Applies to
  • ILLiad

When trying to print, an error message in Word says it's trying to connect to a wrong data source such as Printed.xlsx. To fix it, change the data source for the template and choose the correct Queue that matches the merge fields.

To find out if the Word document is using the LegacyQueue or the PrintQueue,  check the Print Configuration and look for the filter. PrintQueue merge fields are usually longer and verbose. Here is an example of the different field names for the Different Queues.
LegacyQueue Transactio, CallNumber
PrintQueue: Transactions_TransactionNumber, Transactions_CallNumber

Here are the steps to change the Data Source for a Word print template:

  1. Open the file.
  2. If you see a message about running a SQL Command, choose no.
  3. When the document loads, go to the Mailings Ribbon.
  4. Click on Select Recipients and then Use an Existing List.
  5. Select the data source and that matches the document you are opening by using the Atlas Document ILLiad Default Print Templates
    For example, BorrowingArticleSlips.docx should be matched with Article.xlsx.
  6. A Select Table menu will appear. Choose LegacyQueue$ for shorter fields and PrintQueue$ for the longer fields and click OK.
  7. Save the word document.
  8. Try to print again.
  9. If the issue continues, contact OCLC Support.


Additional Information

The ILLiad Default Print Templates document also notes which documents require a manual merge.

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