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How do I fix it when I shipped and item in ILLiad, but the Borrowing site says they do not see it as shipped?

  • The Borrowing Library is unable to check-in a request because it is not showing as shipped by the Lending library
Applies to
  • ILLiad

Here are some troubleshooting steps you can take to resolve the issue of the item you shipped::

  1. What does the OCLC Status say in the Transaction?  If it is not shipped, then you have not updated the system to "shipped," and you need to go through the process again.
  2. If the Status shows "Record Not Found," then the ILL request has moved on from your site and you will have to contact the Borrowing Library to have them create a new request and send it to you.  
  3. You can then mark it as shipped and the Borrowing Library can then mark it as received.
  4. The original request you sent to them will need to be moved to Request Finished and you should note what took place.
  5. If you billed the Borrowing Library, then you will need to work it out with the Borrowing library about how you will work out the Billing.
Additional information

If you need more help, please contact {{support} and give us the ILL number so we can track what happened to the request.

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