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How do I find out what version of the ILLiad Client I am using?

  • You want to know what version of the ILLiad Client you are using
Applies to
  • ILLiad

There are multiple ways to find out what version you are using.  Here are the steps to find the version within the ILLiad Client:

1.  When you open up the ILLiad Client and see the sign in screen, you will see the version. 
2.  If the version is not on the sign in screen and you are logged into ILLiad, on the top left, you will either see the ILLiad icon that has an arrow going northeast and southwest between two sheets.  Or, you will see three lines.  Click on the icon or the lines.
3.  Click on the Options button.
4.  On the left, click on the resources button.
5.  In the middle of the Screen, you will see Version information and you will see what the version you are using is.

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