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How do I construct a search for patrons in Database Manager?

Applies to
  • ILLiad

The Patron tab of the Database Manager lets users set up a Search Filter to select which Patrons will be blocked or deleted. Know that if you are deleting a Patron, it deletes from the following tables: 

  • Users(ALL)
  • UserAccounts
  • UserAccountsLink
  • UserNotes

How to create a Search Filter:

  1. In the Search Filter area, under Filter AND <root>, click "press the button to add a new condition" and a new line will appear that says Username like <empty>.
  2. Choose what values you're filtering for. The fields in green have dropdown choices like username, firstname, lastname, cleared, status, email, NVTGC, department, delivery method, and more.
  3. Next, choose how you search for that thing. Database Manager defaults to "like," but you can choose from other options, especially if you feel comfortable with SQL operators.
    • The operator like lets you use the wildcard %, so you might search Username like JaneSmith% if you wanted to search for janesmith1984. Searching j%smith should return joesmith, jsmith, or janesmith. The % says any or no character.
  4. Finally, choose the thing you're searching for. You can type text or choose from the options given for the value and hit Search. If you want to delete patrons whose Expiration Date has not passed, then deselect the box for "Only delete patrons if Expiration date has passed."  
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