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After DOCLINE updated to 6.2.50, I get a javascript error when importing requests in ILLiad.


  • Recently updated ILLiad DOCLINE Script after DOCLINE 6.2.50 Update on 3/14/24.
  • When attempting to import DOCLINE requests, a javascript error stops the action.
  • ILLiad has not been updated to 9.2.
Applies to
  • ILLiad

With DOCLINE update 6.2.50, their website no longer supports IE, which is embedded in earlier versions of ILLiad. Upgrading to 9.2 allows ILLiad to use Chromium and WebView2 (Edge).

  1. Upgrade the ILLiad Server to 9.2. OCLC Hosted members should contact OCLC Support.
  2. Install the 5.0.1 DOCLINE scripts and restart ILLiad.
  3. If you still have issues, contact OCLC Support.


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