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After I upgrade my Microsoft Windows to the latest version, when I process items from Article Exchange I need the files to go to the directory I was using before the upgrade

  • You upgraded to the latest version of Microsoft Windows and when you are processing items from Article Exchange that were emailed to you, you need the files to save to the same directory as they were before
Applies to
  • ILLiad

Here are the steps you need to take to set up the download directory for Article Exchange documents:

  1. When you put in the Article Exchange information to get the file, you want to save the file with the "Save file As.." option.
  2. You point to the directory where you want the file to go, and you might want to change the name of the file, so it matches your Transaction Number. So the name would be <Transaction Number>.pdf.
  3. When you go to ILLiad to Mark found Scan now option, you point to the directory where you saved the file. 
  4. You select the file and import it.
  5. After you deliver the article, the next time you click on Mark Found Scan now, you will automatically pull the file from where you saved the file. ILLiad will look in the last location you chose to look for the file.
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