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How to remove duplicate item barcodes safely

  • Duplicate barcodes are found on either the same bibliographic record or on separate bibliographic records
Applies to
  • WorldShare Record Manager
  • WorldShare Circulation 
  1. Ensure the item you want to delete has the status of available, is at its home location, and has no holds against it. If both items are on the same bibliographic record, the item that has not circulated or has circulated fewer times should be the one deleted. 
  2. Navigate to Record Manager and search for the bibliographic record of the item that needs to be deleted.
  3. Navigate to the LHR containing the item to be deleted. Click Record > LHR > Delete to delete the LHR. 
  4. Search for the bibliographic record containing the item to be retained. Navigate to the appropriate LHR. 
  5. Update the 876 $x staff note field within the LHR. Click Save
  6. The status in Circulation will update to available. The staff note field can then be removed. 
Additional information

See Delete LHRs and Update LHRs

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