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How to remove duplicate item barcodes safely

  • Identical duplicate barcodes are found on either the same bibliographic record or on two different bibliographic records
Applies to
  • WorldShare Record Manager
  • WorldShare Circulation 

This should not happen and usually only happens due to the work flow of the library, where Record Manager is being used to add LHR's (copies or items) instead of within circulation. When duplicate barcodes are located, one needs to be either deleted or replaced, as the system is not designed to support duplicate barcodes. 

It seems it is possible to accidentally add the same barcode to two different Bib records or to the same Bib record in Record Manager, but this is not possible if adding items via circulation, as the system does not allow it.

To remove the duplicate barcode if on two different Bib records, you need to follow these steps: 

  1. Firstly you will need to ensure the item you want to remove or delete has the status of available, is at its home location and has no holds against it. 
  2. Go into Record Manager  and locate the Bib record YOU DO NOT want to use and delete the LHR from that record.
  3. The record in the Circulation database will be marked as withdrawn now, so you will need to update the one that you want to keep, in order to remove the withdrawn flag.
  4. Remove the duplicate LHR where the item is marked as withdrawn in the Circulation database.
  5. It’s important that you make some kind of minor update to the LHR that you want to keep, in order to force the Circulation system to update the local copy.
  6. A minor change could simply be to add a staff note on the one you want to keep, that you can remove the note again later.
  7. Update and save the LHR that you want to keep and the withdrawn flag is removed in the Circulation database.

Sometimes its not obvious which one is the circulating item in Record Manager, so to help you select the correct LHR:

  1. Go to Circulation and locate the item, add a staff note in WMS Circulation, which will then be visible in the 876 $x staff note field on the LHR.
  2. This will help you select the correct LHR to delete when in Record Manager.

To remove the duplicate barcode if on same Bib records you need to follow these steps: 

  1. Decide which one you want to keep, the one that has all the correct details for shelving location etc..
  2. Remove the duplicate LHR and the item is marked as withdrawn in the Circulation database.
  3. Update the other item you want to keep, by making a minor change.
  4. This could simply be to add a staff note, that you can remove again later.
  5. Click Save on this LHR that you want to keep and the withdrawn flag is removed in the Circulation database.
Additional information

It is not possible to add duplicate barcodes in Circulation as this module prevents this from happening. Record Manger operates differently and it is possible to add duplicate barcodes in Record Manager accidentally, if not careful.

The reason why some searches return different search results to others, is that the searches operate differently in the various modules. This is why different results are being found when doing a search in Record Manager (using My Library holdings  or a barcode search) compared to when you do a barcode search in Circulation or in Discovery.  Both ways of searching for barcodes use different internal services, the My LHRs search uses the Discovery service within MSI, while the pure barcode search uses a Circulation service.

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