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How can I change the default Label template in Record Manager?

  • The default checkbox for the Label Type setting is un-editable.
Applies to
  • WorldShare Record Manager

You can't change the Default Label type while labels are waiting to be printed. To change the default Label Type, do the following: 

  1. Click the Export and Label Print Lists button. 
  2. Stay on the Label Print List tab.
  3. Click Delete All to delete all labels in the print list.
  4. Click the User Preferences button.
  5. Select the Working with Labels tab.
  6. The Default radio buttons should now be active. Select the Default radio button of the Label Type you want.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Add the labels you want to print and print them. 

 The key is that you want to set your Default Label type before adding any labels. Don't try to change the label type after adding the labels to the print list. 

If you delete all the labels and problems persist, contact OCLC Support.

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