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How can I add a shelving location to individual labels in a Label Print List?

  • Adding a Shelving Location to individual Spine Labels
Applies to
  • My Labels

Follow these steps:

1.    Add the items requiring labels to a Label Print List.
2.    From My Labels, open label Templates and click on the Label Template Name in the table you'd like to add the shelving location to.
3.    In Label Content Settings > Label Setup > Action; add new content row.
4.    In Label Content Settings > Automatic Stamps > Stamp 1; enter shelving location name.
5.    Select Go Back to revert to the Label Print List; You will now see the same line of text on each label.
6.    In Label Editor > Edit Label Text; Highlight the current text and type in the required shelving location name.
7.    Select Go Back.
8.    Apply additional changes as required to labels.

Additional information

Only edit text for Shelving Locations in the Stamp 1 / Edit Label Text fields.

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