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Search results

The image below is an example of the search results screen. After you search for a record (using any of the search methods - Basic, Advanced, or Expert), any search results matching the terms you entered will display. From the search results screen, you can perform different actions using the sections described below.

Record Manager search results

1. Tabs

The tabs on the side of the screen show any searches you have performed, any records you have viewed, and any records with unsaved changes.

  • Click on a Search to return the search results.
  • Click on an Edit to return to the record view.
    • If you make any changes to the record, an unsaved tab (Edit MARC record icon) opens to identify a changed record.
  • To remove a search or record, click the X (Close search tab). All searches and records are saved until you remove them, click Close All Tabs, or sign out of WorldShare.
  • To remove an unsaved record, click the orange circle (Edit MARC record icon). You will be prompted to:
    • Close without saving your changes
    • Cancel the close and save your changes 
  • To close all searches, click Close All Tabs.

2. Facets

Use the facets to filter your results by Language of Cataloging, Format, Year, Author, and/or Language.

  • To filter your results, select the check box next to the value(s) you want to apply. Results filter automatically. The facets you select will appear at the top of the facet list under Selected Facets.
  • To remove a selected facet, click the X (Close facet) next to the value at the top of the list, under Selected Facets, or deselect the check box next to the value.
  • Click Hide Facets to remove the facets from view.

3. Results

The number of results you receive and your place in the results list appears at the top and bottom of the results list.

  • To refresh the results list, click the Refresh button (Refresh button).

4. Sort by

Use the options in the Sort by list to determine how your search results are sorted.

  • Select how to sort your search results from the Sort by list.
    • Relevance (default) - lists records by the most recent modified date
    • Author (A-Z) - lists records alphabetically by the last name of the author
    • Title (A-Z) - lists records alphabetically by the title of the item
    • Date (Newest first) - lists records by the most recent publication date
    • Date (Oldest first) - lists records by the oldest publication date
    • Library Count (Highest first) - lists records by the highest number of WorldCat holdings by libraries for the item
    • Library Count (Lowest first) - lists records by the lowest number of WorldCat holdings by libraries for the item

5. Search results

The first column in the results list displays brief bibliographic information about each record, including: Title, Author, Format, Publishing information, ISBN, Series, Cover art, Original cataloging agency, Transcribing agency, Authentication code, Language of cataloging, Encoding level, and OCLC Number.

  • Click Open Details > Copies to view the shelving location for copies of items owned by your institution.
    • The shelving information comes from either the permanent shelving location in 852 $c or the temporary shelving location 876-8 $l.
    • Shelving information appears for monographic items, but is not available for serial and multi-part items unless different parts of the item can display a different shelving location (e.g., volume 1 has an 876, but volumes 2 and 3 do not).
  • Click the title to:
    • Open and edit a bibliographic record
    • View other records linked to the item
    • View, add, or edit local holdings records and local bibliographic data
  • Hover over the information icon (Information icon) to see additional information about a record, including:
    • Copies owned
    • Physical description

6. Rows

The number of rows per page and page navigation buttons appear at the top and bottom of the results list.

  • Select a number from the Rows list to change the number of rows you see per page.
  • If there is more than one page of results, use the navigation buttons to move between pages.

7. (Not) Held by my library

This column indicates whether your library has added holdings to the record. If your library has added holdings, this means your library owns or has access to one or more items represented by the record. The column also displays how many libraries in WorldCat have added their holdings to the record.

  • Click ### libraries hold this item to view other libraries who hold an item from the search results list.
    • From the WorldCat Holdings screen, you can view holdings using the following tabs:
      • All WorldCat Holdings
      • Holdings in My Region
      • Holdings in My State
    • Each tab contains the following columns:
      • Symbol - The OCLC symbol for the institution. You can sort this column alphabetically (A-Z, Z-A).
      • Library - The name of the institution. You can sort this column alphabetically (A-Z, Z-A).
      • Location - The location of the institution. For institutions inside the United States, the location is identified as state, country (e.g., OH, US). For institutions outside of the United States, the location is identified as continent, country (e.g., EU, DE).
      • Supplier - Indicates whether or not the institution is an ILL supplier.

8. Edit Record / Derive Record

  • Click Edit Record to open an existing record for editing.
  • Click Derive Record to create a new record from an existing record.
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