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Search result record summary

For each bibliographic, local bibliographic data, and local holdings record search result, a record summary is listed.

Results record summary example

  • Authentication Code - Indicates that a record has been reviewed and authenticated. See 042 Authentication Code for code definitions.
  • Authors - The authors of the item.
  • Cover Art - The artwork for the item, such as the book cover.
  • Encoding Level - The degree of completeness of the MARC record. See ELvl Encoding Level for level definitions.
  • Format - The format of the item.
  • ISBN Number - The ISBN number that is associated with the item.
  • Language of Cataloging - The language that is used to catalog the item.
  • Information Icon - Click this icon to open a pop-up window that contains additional record information about the item.
  • OCLC Number - The OCLC number for the record.
  • Original Cataloging Agency - The organization who created the original record.
  • Publishing Information - The publisher name, publisher location, and year of publication.
  • Series - The series to which the item belongs.
  • Title - The title of the item.
  • Transcribing Agency - The organization who transcribed the record into machine-readable form.
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