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Add an LBD record

 Note: Grey fields are unavailable and cannot be edited.

  1. From the MARC 21 record editor, scroll down to the Local Bibliographic Data accordion.
  2. From the Local Bibliographic Data accordion, click Add LBD Record.
  3. In the field that appears, replace the system supplied value with a unique number for your local institution. For example, this value can correspond to a record identifier in your local catalog.
  4. Click Done. The fixed fields appear (LDR, 001, 004, 005, LSN, and 940).
  5. Click the Add button (Add button) to add a new field.
  6. Add the appropriate LBD field and related information.
  7. Click Done.

Watch a video

Local bibliographic data (6:05)

This video is about the purpose of Local Bibliographic Data (LBD), and how to create and edit it using WorldShare® Record Manager.