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About local bibliographic data

Find an overview of local bibliographic data and how to create, maintain, and view it.

What is LBD?

WorldCat connects library users to hundreds of millions of electronic resources, including e-books, licensed databases, online periodicals, and collections of digital items. Although your institution may own the same title as a library that is in another state or country, there may be information about your title that is unique.

Using local bibliographic data (LBD), you can add local bibliographic information to a bibliographic record that is specific to your institution's title; however, other institutions will not be able to see that information in the WorldCat record and your users will only see your institution's LBD.

What type of information is appropriate for LBD?

Essentially, LBD is local information that complements the full bibliographic data in the WorldCat database.

Enhance the bibliographic record for local use by adding local subject headings, uniform titles, or notes.

How do I create, maintain, and view LBD?

You can create and maintain LBD information in:

In addition, you can view LBD in WorldCat Discovery.

How do I create and maintain LBD via data sync collections?

If needed, data sync collections can be used to store local bibliographic data (LBD) that cannot be extracted from bibliographic or local holdings records in WorldCat for display to users of your OCLC discovery interface (WorldCat Local/WorldCat Discovery, WMS).

To create and maintain LBD via data sync collections, you will need:

  • unique, persistent local system bibliographic number (LSN) in each record you send.
  • To specify the location of the LSN in your records when creating a data sync collection.

Additional notes:

  • Local bibliographic data is stored as an attachment to the associated WorldCatbibliographic record.
  • The LBD record is separate from WorldCat bibliographic or local holdings records and cannot be viewed or edited in Connexion.
  • Some local bibliographic data fields may be appropriate to merge into the WorldCat record.

What fields can I use to add LBD?

See Alphabetical list of available local bibliographic data record indexes for a list of searchable indexes.