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About Record Manager


WorldShare Record Manager allows you to create new and enrich existing items in WorldCat with efficient, record-at-a-time metadata management for your physical and electronic materials using a MARC 21 editor, Text View editor, or Authority record editor.

Within the WorldShare interface, navigate to Metadata > Record Manager.

In this area, you can:

Record Manager interface overview























  1. Search for bibliographic, local holdings, authority, and saved in-progress records.
  2. Work with bibliographic and authority records.
  3. Work with local bibliographic data.
  4. Work with local holdings records.
  5. Apply changes to multiple bibliographic and local bibliographic data records with bulk actions.
  6. Work with labels and export bibliographic and authority records.
  7. Work with field strings, text strings, and constant data records.
  8. Set preferences for labels, bibliographic and authority record export, searching, and the record editor.

Watch a video

Introduction to Record Manager (11:40)

This video provides an introduction to what you can accomplish with WorldShare Record Manager, to help familiarize you with the interface and its purpose.


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