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When I log into WorldShare the page does not fully load

  • The WorldShare page shows tabs at the top, but clicking on them does nothing.
  • The page is just a blank white screen.
  • You see a message that says "No Dashboard Items Configured" after signing in
Applies to
  • WorldShare Collection Manager
  • WorldShare Interlibrary Loan
  • WorldShare Acquisitions
  • WorldShare Circulation
  • WorldShare License Manager
  • WorldShare Record Manager
  • WorldShare Reports

Please try these troubleshooting steps to see if you can get back into WorldShare:

  1. First, clear your browser's cache and cookies.  We often find that the web caching inside browsers can cause issues.  Another way to troubleshoot is to open a private viewing session and try to log in to WorldShare without cookies set and cached browser memory.

  2. If you are using a bookmark to access the page, the bookmark URL may be faulty. The WorldShare URL structure is https://[Your RegID]

  3. Turn off any extensions or ad blockers that you've added to your browser, then restart to see if it changes the behavior.

  4. If this fails, try logging in on a different browser to see if it gives you the same error. That could point us to a browser issue outside of caching.

  5. If you are still having issues in a new browser, please try on a different computer.  It could be a setting on your computer or network that is blocking access.

Additional information

If none of these steps work to clear the issue, contact OCLC Support.

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