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What should I do if I find I am missing a Data Sync report?

  • Collection Manager Data sync reports, such as xrefrpt and unresxrefrpt reports, are not showing up in your Collection Manager > My Files > Downloads Reports list
Applies to
  • Collection Manager

Please check for the following possibilities: 

  • Data sync reports will not appear until your uploads have been accepted and processed. 
  • Uncheck the Hide downloaded files checkbox in case you've downloaded that file.  
  • The date of processing is not always the date the report was created so make sure you check your reports' file names to confirm that a report wasn't delivered several days later. 
  • The Unresolved Cross Reference file (unresxrefrpt) will only be delivered if you have unresolved records, i.e. records that were not matched to one in WorldCat.

If none of those resolve the issue for you, please contact OCLC Support with your symbol and the name and date of the file you are missing. 

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