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Is it possible to create a report of titles in our holdings that have no LHR attached?

Applies to
  • WorldShare Collection Manager 

Follow the steps below to create the report: 

  1. Create a Collection Manager Query collection with the following Selection criteria:
    • li: <your library's symbol> NOT l4:<your library's symbol>
    • Important! You MUST include the li: index with your library's symbol. Do NOT run a search without that limitation included
      • Note: that is "ell"4 in the Selection criteria index, not i
      • If you are only interested in identifying print material, You can exclude digital items by adding NOT x4: digital and/or NOT mt: elc
  2. Enable MARC record delivery within the collection through the MARC Records tab.
  3. Save the collection being extra careful to check that the query's expected results match what you expect. If they do not or if your results are going to be over 25 million records, please contact OCLC Support.
  4. Use the Query WorldCat to create a spreadsheet of your WorldCat holdings instructions to get the report through MarcEdit.
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Create a Query Collection 

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