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I requested a complete set of MARC records but still only receive updates

  • After selecting Include a complete set of records with every delivery in my collection's settings, I still only receive new, updated, deleted and merged records rather than the complete collection.
Applies to
  • WorldShare Collection Manager

When in the collection's settings:

  1. Make sure Include a complete set of records with every delivery is selected.
  2. Click Save in the top-left corner or the menu to ensure this selection is saved. If the blue Save button is not clicked the setting change will not be applied.
  3. This setting provides records that have changes, records for titles that have not changed, new titles, and deleted titles since the previous delivery. The records are not delivered in just one file but are split into "new", "updates, "merges" and "deletes" files and those words appear in the file names.  When records are delivered, they will not be in just one file labeled Full Set or similar name. Records for titles/OCLC numbers that have previously been delivered will appear in an Update file rather than in a New file even if there were no changes. 
  4. We will not supply a file if we do not have any records for that type, for example, you won't see a "Merges" file if there weren't any merged records.

Criteria for new, update, delete and merged records will help you recognize which records are in each file. 

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