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I have record delivery set up for a collection to “Include a complete set of records with every delivery” But I still keep getting weekly updates, deletes, and added files.

Applies to
  • WorldShare Collection Manager 

OCLC doesn’t combine files for deletes, new, merges, and updates. Even if you have the settings enabled to get a full set of MARC records delivered, you will usually get multiple files depending on the type of record. 

OPTIONAL: If you want to keep this file delivery separate from other knowledge base collection file deliveries:

  1. Go to Holdings and MARC Records > Record Delivery.
  2. Under Delivery File Output, select Deliver records for this collection in a separate file.
  3. Enter a file name in the text box.
Additional Information

To learn more about receiving a full set of MARC records for you collection, read this article

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