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How do I set up a collection when a proxy is not required or not allowed by vendor ?

Applies to
  • WorldShare Collection Manager   

When a provider does not allow the use of proxy and only allows access from within your institution, there is a simple setting you just need to set/change for these type of collections - you need to change this setting to No proxy needed . Sometimes providers /vendors will only allow access to their collections via an IP address or from within an intuition. Below is how you would set this type of collection up. 

Depending on if you want all titles in this collection or only specific ones - will determine how you proceed (using Peeters Online Journals as an example).

Take the following steps: 

  1. Search for your Peeters Online Journals (Show Coverage Gaps), just search for Peeters.
  2. Select the collection name to open it.
  3. If requiring only a selection of titles, then select the titles you do require.
    OR If you require all titles, then skip this step and go to step 4 and select collection. 
  4. Select the linking tab.
  5. Select the drop-down menu next to Use Proxy > change this from Use Institutional settings to > No proxy needed and select Save > your 'proxy blocking' problem will be resolved for this collection.
  6. The titles within this collection that you have selected /or all of all titles were required > the Link button [access online] will now appear on Discovery for these titles.
  7. Your students will now be able to just select this link and be taken direct to the journal they selected, if accessed within your building.
  8. Any collections that operate in this way, when a proxy is not required or not allowed - you just need to go into that specific collection and change this setting for that collection.
  9. If you used the public note in the 852 $2 field on these titles, you will now need to remove. It is no longer required because the selectable link button will take them there now anyway.


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