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How do I synchronize holdings between Alma and WorldCat?

Applies to
  • WorldShare Metadata Collection Manager

OCLC provides two different types of WorldShare Data Sync collections that Alma users can utilize to update their holdings in WorldCat. 

  1. To synchronize bibliographic records with OCLC  by sending full MARC bibliographic (BIB) records to maintain title-level WorldCat holdings at the OCLC Institution symbol level create a Bibliographic Data sync Collection in WorldShare Collection Manager. This is the type most libraries use. 
  2. To synchronize local holdings with OCLC  by sending MARC Format for Holdings Data (LHR or MFHD) records create a Local Holdings Record Data sync Collection in WorldShare Collection Manager. This sends item-level information, such as call numbers, owning location, shelving location and barcodes to OCLC.  

Note:  If the purpose of your collection is to set/delete holdings in WorldCat for every matching record found you should create a Bibliographic collection.

S/FTP Connection Details

  • Server:  Select the server address for your data center
  • Port: 22
  • Sub-directory: depending on the collection type, choose one of the following:
    • Bibliographic collection type: metacoll/in/bib (most generally used)
    • Local Holdings Records collection type: metacoll/in/lhr
  • User name: your institution symbol (in lower case)
  • Password: Your password is supplied by OCLC. To obtain it, please contact  OCLC Support
  • Min. number of files: 1
  • Max. Number of files: leave blank or choose the largest option
  • Max. file size: leave blank – or choose the largest option
  • FTP Server Type: Default or MVS
  • FTP passive mode: This box should be checked in most cases

Note: Special characters (@, $ and #) in symbols will act as ‘command control codes’ which will halt processing. If you have a special character in your OCLC institution symbol, please convert it as follows:

If your Institution Symbol contains:  Replace With Example
@ _64 ab@ (becomes) ab_64
$ _36 a$b (becomes) a_36b
# _35 ab# (becomes) ab_35

More information can be found in File name requirements.


Update the Publishing Profile

Profile Details

  • Profile Name: you should be in the correct profile: ‘Synchronize bibliographic records with OCLC’
  • OCLC Institution symbol: use your institution symbol
  • Project ID:  leave this box blank
  • Collection ID:  use your Data Sync Collection ID

Submission Format

  • FTP configuration: Use the server address determined above
  • Sub-directory:   leave blank
  • Status:  defined by operator
  • Scheduling:  defined by operator


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