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How can I troubleshoot problems with file upload/overlay from the WorldShare platform side?

  • A vendor order number is not being loaded into our library OPAC for record import/overlay
  • We are receiving files from a provider that get processed through WorldShare Collection Manager
  • Most importantly, the full record merge does NOT happen in the OPAC.
  • The import/overlay profile in the OPAC is correct, ie. no subfields repeated within the profile. 
  • With no file overlay, the call number labels sent from OCLC do not agree with what we want on the spine.  They are simply wrong. 
Applies to
  • WorldShare Collection Manager

Verify that the vendor order number is not being sent as duplicated data, meaning that the MARC coded field/subfield pair should be unique to that number.  If there are multiple sets of data in the same field/subfiled, the OPAC may not know which data to load.  This is especially important to watch for with the vendor order number for overlay, if there are duplicated fields.

For example, the library has the vendor order number mapped to the 024$a field in their Institution Settings. The vendor order number is the field used for matching in overlay. The 024$a field is used for other information as well such as UPC barcode. There is already data present in the 024$a when the record arrives in WorldShare.  WorldShare processes the record and creates a duplicate 024$a field for the vendor order number.  Then when the record gets loaded into the OPAC, there are multiple 024$a fields that could confuse the overlay.  It may be that the UPC barcode value already present in the record from the provider is being used incorrectly by the OPAC as the vendor number.


  1. The library should choose an unused, unique MARC field for the vendor order number.
  2. It could be a 5xx or 9xx, for example.
  3. Once they choose the field they will use, they should update both their Institution Settings in Collection Manager and their OPAC overlay table.
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024  Other Standard Identifier (R)

5xx Fields

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