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Do I need to manually select new titles we purchase in a collection that has been set up with automatic holdings feed?

Applies to
  • WorldShare Collection Manager 
  • When an automatic holdings feed has been set up with a provider on a collection, all the titles you purchase will be updated and added to your feed with each delivery.
  • The file will be automatically loaded on a schedule depending on the vendor's agreement with OCLC.
  • When an upload takes place, it is a full refresh of your collection. If titles have been deleted, updated, or added then these changes will be reflected in the new file delivered and uploaded to your collection.
  • If you wish to see what was in your last feed, to ensure your new titles have been delivered :
    • Go to  Metadata Collection Manager > Activity History
    • Change the filter to filter by File Uploaded - to see what has been delivered 
    • Look for File uploaded into collection: xxxxxx
    • You can then check the titles in this feed by selecting Download Detailed Report (on the far right column you will see what action was taken) 
    • Open the file in Excel to see the titles delivered in the file
    • To see what has been added, deleted, or updated select the View button 
  • Do not select, delete, or edit any titles manually or by uploading a file in a collection, once you have set-up an automatic holdings feed. 
  • Let OCLC and the provider manage your collection for you and wait for the new title to be added in the next feed or two. How soon new titles appear in your collection depends on when the provider provides the data to OCLC. 
  • If a title does not appear or a title has been removed that you believe you should have access to, confirm with the provider that you do have access to the title and then report it to OCLC Support
  • If something appears incorrect about a title, such as coverage, report that to OCLC Support.
  • While you shouldn't add, delete, or edit titles within the collection, you can make any other configuration changes you would like, such as whether or not to set holdings or to have MARC records delivered.
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