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Collections to which our library subscribes are not receiving new and delete MARC files.

  • When we retrieve MARC record files (new and deletes) we noticed that there has not been any such file sent for some of the collections to which our Library subscribes.
Applies to
  • WorldShare Collection Manager

Your library is using your institution-level Local Data settings to ONLY output LHRs, and the collections are configured to use institution settings. If your library doesn't have any LHRs associated with your Collection's records, then nothing will output. You should change the local data settings, and configure the collection to output a complete set of records.

  1. Navigate to: Metadata > Collection Manager > Institution Settings > MARC Records > Customize Local Data

  2. Change the local data settings to include bibliographic records.

Now you need to change settings inside the collection.

 1. Using the WorldShare Collection Manager search bar, search, and select the collection.

 2. With the collection selected, go to Holdings and MARC Records > Record Delivery > Subsequent Record Output > select "Include a complete set of records with every delivery".

Additional information

You will want to change the "Subsequent Record Output" collection settings back to "Include only records with changes (updated, added or deleted) after initial delivery" once you receive the full set of MARC records.

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